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As I announced on my Twitter page yesterday, I have been selected by an independent panel to represent the Under 18s category in Liverpool Football Club’s new Supporters’ Committee.

The consultation group is something that I believe will, at the very least, repair a broken relationship between the fans and the club. Recently, we saw our loyalty to the institution that we care for ignored, tossed aside as weekly interest rates on a crippling debt took precedent. Now, we’re looking forward to direct conversations with those who run that institution, and it’s a pleasure to be involved in these first positive steps towards better times.

My role consists of attending four meetings a year, providing the authorities at the club with an opinion of somebody in my age group. In between, I feel as though my role should be listening to you, the supporter.

I apologise that this is brief (I am currently in the thick of exam revision), but I cannot stress enough how much I want to hear from those that I am representing. If you enter my Contact page located in the toolbar at the side of this article, you can e-mail me your problems, observations or solutions. Together, we can help improve our club.


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May 21, 2011 at 10:42

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